Ordinances & Policies

Ordinances & Policies


ATV Ordinance
Bait Animal Carcass Disposal

Bottle Club Ordinance
CATV - Community Antenna Television Ordinance
Commercial Hauler Ordinance
Crosswalk Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Driveway Ordinance - See "Highway Entrance Ordinance"
E911 - Enhanced 911 Addressing Ordinance
Emergency Management Ordinance
Engine Brake and Compression Brake Ordinance

Extractive Industry and Land Reclamation Ordinance
Fire Ordinance
Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services Ordinance
Fireworks Ordinance
Floodplain Management Ordinance
General Assistance Ordinance
Hazardous Waste Ordinance
Highway Entrance Ordinance Note: Often referred to as the "Driveway Ordinance" 
Little Ossipee Lake Water Level Management Ordinance

Malfunctioning Domestic Wastewater Disposal Systems Ordinance
Mass Gathering Ordinance
Military Personnel Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption Ordinance -
Note: for "Active Duty" Personnel

Mobilehome Park and Trailer Park Ordinance 
PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy Ordinance
Parking and Traffic Ordinance
Parks and Recreation Commission Ordinance
Parks and Recreational Spaces Ordinance
Pawnbrokers Ordinance 
Quorum Ordinance
Racing Track or Event Ordinance
Recall of Elected Municipal Officers 
Sex Offender Ordinance
Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Signs on Veteran's Monument Ordinance
Smoke Detector Ordinance
Solid Waste Disposal and Control Ordinance
Special Amusement Ordinance
Speed Limit Ordinance 
Street Design and Construction Standards Ordinance
Street Light Installation Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance - "Land Subdivision Regulations of the Planning Board"

Tax Acquired Property Ordinance 
Winter Traffic and Parking Ordinance
Write-In Candidate Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance